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    DDJ-400 headphones not working! The Solution is Here

    DDJ-400 headphones not working! The Solution is Here

    Many individuals have complained to me about having issues with the Pioneer DDJ-400 when it is linked to Rekordbox. Most of them were eager to learn how to mix records, somewhat new to DJing, and worried that their controller could arrive damaged.

    Some people experienced issues right away after packaging, while others have had success using their headphones ever since they bought the controller. However, all of a sudden, no matter what they do, they are unable to hear anything through their headphones.

    Has there been a software button that you unintentionally pressed? Is there perhaps a hardware problem? Perhaps the volume has been increased, and the cue button for that music is highlighted, but the headphones are still silent. What might you be doing incorrectly?

    Please read this article first before attempting to have it warrantied or repaired. On the DDJ-400, I addressed the most of the sound problems that could arise with headphones.

    Let's begin straight away.

    Causes of the DDJ-400's headphones not working

    If you don't set the DDJ-400 up as the audio device in Rekordbox options, it won't function properly.

    It's possible that the drivers weren't correctly installed due to OS security settings if you can't choose the DDJ as the audio device. If you want to see that prompt in the security window, you might need to uninstall and reinstall the drivers.

    Rekordbox won't be able to correctly use your DDJ-400 for audio output if it is selected as the default Windows output audio device, and your headphones won't function as they should.

    DDJ-400 cannot be connected to a computer via a USB docking port; instead, the USB must be connected directly to the PC.

    Preliminary examinations

    1.Check your audio jack if you're using wired headphones. The front of the controller has a smaller 1/8th TRS port for headphones. Make sure the headphone jack is connected properly. To fully push it in until you hear a click, you can unhook them and then plug them back in.

    2. Windows must continue to have the default output configured to whatever speakers you want to utilize (Speakers, monitor, Voicemeeter, etc.). When you first put it in, this may occasionally change to the DDJ-400 mode automatically. Just return this to its original setting in the Sound Control Panel.

    3. In Rekordbox's Audio Preferences, adjust "BOOTH OUTPUT" to "DDJ-400 WASAPI: PHONES" in the Output Channels section.

    4. Verify that the CUE buttons are activated for the channel you want to listen to using headphones. There is a CUE button beneath Master Level that you must press if you want the Master sound and the Cue sound to play through your headphones.

    5. Is the song playing that is loaded to the deck? Is the song's gain turned up? Can you see the running LEDs on the VU meter on both the computer and controller screens?

    6. Is the channel's cue button turned on? Is the master or the channel selected for the headphone blend?

    7. When it comes to making sure your volume is set to zero,

    Which Rekordbox Streaming Services are the Best?

    Unable to Increase Volume After Rekordbox Freeze

    This is the problem that may occur on Windows 7 seemingly at random. For roughly an hour after the mixture begins, everything runs smoothly. The Rekordbox then briefly pauses everything before continuing. Everything pauses during the freeze, including the music, interface, and controller.

    Your headphone jack stops functioning properly when it does that. You can hear sounds through the headphones even when the cue buttons are not in use, however turning them on somewhat raises the volume. Even now, you can't hear the music clearly.

    The USB can be temporarily fixed by being unplugged and then replugged in. This will allow you to play for another hour or so, but the audio will jump again.

    When I was utilizing the soundcard on my laptop, I ran into this issue. I was able to fix it by switching to Rekordbox DDJ-400 integrated soundcard.

    You need set the following preferences in Rekordbox:

    rekordbox setting

    As your speakers are connected to the computer, make sure the computer icon is also on (lighted in blue):

    Lastly, arrange these knobs on your deck as follows:

    1. Depending on what you want to listen to through your headphones, press the CUE buttons in the center for either 1 or 2.
    2. TRIM control set to 12:00
    3. MIXING control and headphones at 12 o'clock
    4. 12 o'clock: LEVEL control and headphones

    Can't hear cues on a MacBook with headphones

    There are a few easy steps you can take to fix this if you're trying to set up DDJ-400 with Rekordbox on MacBook Pro but can't hear cues over their headphones.

    It is possible that even if your audio settings are set up exactly as specified in the instructions, the sound will occasionally play through your laptop speakers rather than your headphones.

    It's possible that when you tried to cue over headphones, the track was really played through speakers.

    The DDJ-400's cue buttons and volume adjustment knobs, including the master cue, are completely inactive. Now what?

    Preliminary inspections:

    1. Verify that the "Headphones" knob is not in the Master position. If so, choose between simply Cue or Mix (Cue + Master).
    2. Before you launch Rekordbox, first connect your headphones to your DDJ-400.


    1. Enter the MacPro's settings.
    2. When everything is operational, pick the sound icon on your taskbar while holding down the Option key on your keyboard.
    3. Similarly, you can select Apple and then select System Preferences > Sound.
    4. Make the Pioneer your playback device of choice.
    5. You must use the master cue, which enables you to cue specific channels.

    Don't forget to turn the headphones' volume up and attach them to the controller.

    DDJ-400 Headphone Delay Issue

    When you wish to sync your tracks for transitions, the sound coming from your headphones can occasionally be a little bit ahead of the master sound.

    Assuming you're using a Windows PC and the Master is connected to a 3.5mm Jack output on your computer, the problem is the Master connected to your computer, even though the headphones are connected to the controller.

    For any sound that needs to be routed through a computer, THIS IS NORMAL. Your computer needs to perform some processing, which is what is causing the delay.

    External speakers that are directly connected to your controller are the best workaround for this.

    When using a Bluetooth speaker for Master (through a computer connection), I had this issue. The music from my headphones and Master synchronized when I used one with an aux wire, and it worked fine.

    Try running the speaker from the Master out of your controller if you have RCA cords. The root of the problem lies right there. There is no need to connect any audio to your computer that is not being sent via the USB cord.

    There are certain instructions that can help you change the audio buffer size, but there will never be a perfect setting. Therefore, if you find this annoying, you'll probably need to figure out how to connect your controller directly to some external speakers.

    DDJ-400 WASAPI cannot be chosen as an audio source

    Know that you're not alone if, after previously being able to pick the DDJ-400 WASAPI as your audio device, it suddenly resets to "No audio device" when you select it.

    Before discovering the solution, I tried everything; I removed the driver and Rekordbox, but nothing worked. My controller's buttons never lit up; only the loop buttons did.

    To solve this problem quickly, unplug your controller, restart Rekordbox, and fully remove the DDJ-400 sound from the hour sound mixer.

    As for me, I could choose whether my external speakers are compatible with my computer or my DDJ-400 utilizing an AV switch that was connected to both my laptop and my DJ controller (to bypass the delay problem mentioned above).

    When I tried to switch to using my external speakers (Realtek Audio) while Voicemeeter had my speakers configured as a Hardware Output device, I found that this would immediately change to "No Audio Device Selected."

    I changed Voicemeeter's hardware output so that it was anything other than my speakers before I threw my laptop out the window, and everything immediately began to function properly.

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