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    Using Bluetooth to Connect a DJ Controller to Speakers (2 Ways)

    Using Bluetooth to Connect a DJ Controller to Speakers (2 Ways)

    You might be wondering if you can connect Bluetooth speakers to your DJ controller if you're a beginner bedroom DJ and have them at home.

    Although there is a lot of discussion around latency, delay, and just purchasing standard speakers, why wait if you are anxious to practice?

    A DJ controller can indeed be connected to Bluetooth speakers. There are two options: using cable or not. If you have a cable, latency (sound delay) won't be audible, but if you don't, you might need to use headphones (depending on the speakers).

    In this article, we'll attempt to cover all you need to know about connecting the controller (such the DDJ-400)/laptop to the audio interface. Beginners may encounter issues throughout this process.

    Utilizing Cable to Connect

    In essence:

    • A RCA to Aux 3.5mm cable should be obtained, and Bluetooth should not be active.
    • Run to the speaker from the decks. not using a laptop.
    • Plugging directly into the laptop is OK if you don't want to use headphones as a cue.

    Since most Bluetooth speakers feature a 3.5 mm aux input, you can use a Bluetooth speaker without a problem if you purchase an RCA to aux cable (like this one on Amazon).

    If you have that wire and your speaker has a direct aux connection, you can plug it directly into your decks to cue headphones.

    You can use the Bluetooth connection if you're using Rekordbox (I'm pretty sure Serato won't let you do this). Additionally, you can concurrently apply your cue to the DAC interface on your controller and your master to the audio devices on the computer.

    When I originally bought my controller, I was unaware of a method that allows you to channel all of your computer's audio through it, turning the master volume control on your controller into your volume knob. You can listen to YouTube in this manner without switching connections.

    Even when connected by RCA to Aux, you could experience intermittent sound on the DDJ-SB3 when it is paired with a Bluetooth speaker.

    That merely sounds like a potential issue with a bad wire if all of the software's settings are accurate. Try again after checking to see if there is another one nearby.

    Buy a different cord and check to see if the problem persists. You might be using a digital DJ program, thus that could be a factor. Prior to obtaining a license for the pro version, try to make sure you can utilize Bluetooth.

    I (sometimes) use a 1/8" to RCA cable to mix with my JBL Xtreme, which is fantastic by the way, when I take my portable scratch deck to parks and other places.

    It includes two options for adjusting the sound for indoor or outdoor environments, and it lasts for 24 hours without a charge. It is convenient, and it's amazing how good these speakers are in terms of quality and battery life for the price.

    Although it lacks the bass for simple mix monitoring, it works well for beginners.

    I can confirm that JBL's Bluetooth speakers don't have the delay that some Bluetooth speakers can still have even with a cable feed.

    Pioneer DDJ-400

    When using the DDJ-400, if you have trouble hearing through the headphones:

    • Make sure the "Audio Output" is set to "Master Out" or "controller" by checking the audio settings. Set the speaker for audio.
    • Make sure the Bluetooth speaker is set up to push audio there rather than using the laptop's audio settings. If it's coming from the laptop, reset that and adjust your Rekordbox settings!
    • Turn the "cue" knob, which is located on the left. If it's set to "master," you'll be able to hear what's playing via the speakers through the headphones but not when the volume slider is depressed (such as when DJing.) You can set it to 40/60 cue/master, 50/50, or anything you choose, but if you want to beatmatch, there must be some "cue" in there.

    Assume you choose "PC Audio Out" after selecting an amp or headphones as your Bluetooth audio output device in your sound options. On occasion, it will deselect itself and resume sending output directly from the DDJ-400 (though you have no speakers plugged in).

    In Rekordbox, select "output over Bluetooth" under the "Output audio from the computer's built-in speakers and your DJ equipment" option. You can try to choose which output the cue goes to if you scroll down a little in the audio options.

    Since sound is three-dimensional by nature, it is impacted by practically everything it encounters. Music sounds so good because of this. Here is the recommended number of speakers for DJs.

    Sharing Without a Cable

    In essence:

    • You must use your laptop if you want to connect wirelessly (using simply Bluetooth and a transmitter) (works better with a Mac).
    • You will have to only mix using headphones. Good preparation for extreme situations, I suppose.

    On one occasion, I performed using a restaurant's Bluetooth-enabled wireless speaker system. Since two speakers had Aux-connections, I carried cables to connect to them since I was aware that there would be an issue with a delay. So, for one speaker, I used my master output, and for another, I used a booth.

    I was disappointed to find that even through Aux, the speakers had a delay of around a half-second. I was forced to mix solely in headphones as a result of this. This functioned as intended, however I soon saw that using wires was pointless because there is already a delay.

    The following time, I connected them using the Avantree Audikast Plus Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter (Amazon link), which I had read was one of the best, and it had no problems.

    You can connect your wireless speakers or headphones to it once it wirelessly transfers the audio stream.

    It makes a laptop Bluetooth-compatible and connects to it using a 3.5mm port (or an RCA jack, if that's what you require). Its ability to connect by default with two devices, speakers and headphones, is a good feature. It operates for up to 10 hours on a single full charge and is simple to charge with a USB cord (but also works while charging).

    If you wish to pre-listen to tracks from your controller at the same time, your DJ software must be able to handle multiple sound cards. There is no way to avoid the speaker's sound being delayed when you listen through headphones. Speaker latency increases.

    Think about the bedroom speakers

    Can Bluetooth speakers be connected to a DJ controller? Yes. Do they operate faultlessly? No.

    The delay between what is playing in your headphones and what is being played over the speakers will be audible. Making beat matches by ear won't be simple. You can make it work if you don't care about beatmatching by ear and are just going to hit a sync button, but you won't advance as much as you could.

    Your options for speakers are severely restricted if you're a college student or simply can't have large speakers in your room.

    I frequently suggest the following speakers as the "best bang for the buck":

    • Budget: JBL 305p
    • Midrange: Logitech Z623

    Although I'm sure the Pioneer DM-40 models that many people suggest are fine, they cost more than the Logitech Z623 and lack a subwoofer. They are not considerably better in my opinion; the price increase is too great for significantly less bass without a subwoofer.

    Those speakers, in my opinion, are mostly for inexperienced DJs who haven't done their homework. For example, a starter kit for a Christmas present and the realization that "Oh, I need DJ speakers."

    DJ speakers are not required. If you want to DJ, it's preferable to spend less money on a 2.1 PC speaker system than it is to spend more money on good studio monitors.


    How to DJ with Just Headphones - This is useful for practicing DJing in silence and will also get you ready for concerts where Bluetooth speakers are required.

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