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    What Is DVS DJ Software? Which Setup Is the Newest?

    What Is DVS DJ Software? Which Setup Is the Newest?

    When it comes to setting up so-called DVS systems, many individuals are perplexed. They find it challenging or do not see the benefit of combining conventional equipment and software. But it doesn't have to be at all challenging.

    After reading this article, setting up DVS (Digital Vinyl System) will not only be simpler, but also more enjoyable once you realize that using timecode vinyl or CDs adds a new depth to your DJ sets. Without having to replace all of your equipment, you can go a little retro.

    digital vinyl system

    The acronym DVS stands for "Digital Vinyl System." It guarantees that classic DJ equipment, in this example turntables (vinyl) or CD/media players, can be used with digital DJ software. It "converts" the use of this existing equipment into digital data that may be used in your DJ software through the use of "timecode."

    Since DVS has never been lost, you may consider it to be the DJ controller's forerunner. With conventional turntables, DVS is still often used. Numerous DJs are unable to live without the sound of truly vintage vinyl.

    What is DVS Control?

    Timecode records or CDs, which you can play on conventional DJ equipment, are used by a DVS Control. After that, a DVS-compatible device receives the audio output from this equipment. This can be a specific DJ controller, mixer, or audio interface.

    Such a gadget makes sure that the sound, which is often in the form of a fixed tone, is transformed into understandable computer data. Your DJ software receives this computer data. In this manner, both variations in pitch and the direction that it is turned are discernible.

    With this method, the latency, or delay, is practically nonexistent.

    The identical signal is then returned to your DJ equipment via the DVS system. Playback of digital audio as a result.

    So there's no need to lug around bulky CD folders or heavy record cases when using digital audio and your laptop's digital library.

    Is Serato Required for DVS?

    Not at all, no. Other DJ software that supports vinyl emulation besides Serato (compatible with DVS Audio Interfaces made by RANE and Denon) includes Rekordbox (compatible with Pioneer DVS mixers/controllers), Traktor (compatible with Native Instruments), and Virtual DJ.

    The DVS program is simple to use, in my experience. Simply cue up your song, get a beat, and enter the mix by dragging and dropping recordings onto each turntable that is visibly shown on the software.

    Which DVS Systems Exist Currently?

    As already established, a DVS system always needs a device that can translate the time code signal into digital information that your DJ software can understand. You essentially have three choices:

    Software for DJs using the DVS mixer

    dvs mixer

    The most recent and simplest approach is to get a DVS mixer. You just change the mixer but leave the turntables or CDJs in place, and connect everything the same way you always did.

    A DVS mixer converts changes in pitch to produce digital music that has an analog feel. The DVS mixer connects via USB to your program, enabling you to begin using timecode CDs or vinyl.

    The required software and even timecode vinyl are included in many of these DVS compatible mixers. This enables you to start straight away without experiencing too many connection issues.


    Does this choice have any drawbacks as well? Actually, no! You have less mobility because moving a mixer and two turntables can be challenging. I just consider that to be more of an intentional decision than a true disadvantage. If you just have two turntables left, are looking for a set, or think your mixer needs an upgrade, this is the best option. Simply the best option, especially at home!

    DJ setup program for the DVS audio interface

    dvs audio interface

    The most common type of DVS is an audio interface that is DVS-compatible. This makes it possible to convert nearly all traditional systems into DVS systems.

    The best option if you don't want to spend a lot of money on new equipment and are an older DJ who wants to go to digital but is still confined to your outdated turntables or CDJs at home! In addition, you don't have to change anything; you only add the interface.

    Connecting is also not tough. You connect the interface using USB to your laptop and your older equipment with RCA. Done! With these audio interfaces, you frequently obtain timecode vinyl and/or CDs, which is a huge advantage. You now have everything you need to start.


    Has it any drawbacks as well? Of course! In comparison to other available options and what you get in return, many of these audio interfaces are old and nevertheless cost-effective.

    There are some newer and less expensive devices, but you are frequently restricted to a particular piece of software with these. Therefore, choosing the right software to use is important if you wish to go this route. Traktor, Serato, Rekordbox, and other DJ software have unique user interfaces.

    In nine out of 10 cases, switching is no longer an option! Make thorough investigation about what you believe suits you. Purchase a DVS audio interface after trying out various programs with a demo first.

    DJ controller and software for setting up a DJ set

    dj controller with dvs

    Buying a DJ controller that is DVS compatible is the third way to use DVS. This increases your adaptability. Either the controller or a set of turntables with time-coded vinyl are options.

    As with a mixer, you attach this straight to the DJ controller. Additionally, you are more adaptable in terms of work. This is often simple to carry wherever you go because you can just use the DJ controller. Therefore, a controller can provide a solution, especially in small booths.


    This can only imply that you favor one of the two possibilities more frequently than the other. Consider buying a DJ controller and discovering that you just use the DVS feature and your turntables. In this case, the controller is not necessary.

    In that instance, you have a costly controller that you essentially only use as a "mixer" for music. What a waste that would be!

    Of course, it is also possible for things to work the opposite way around. Consider your options carefully, and only choose this one if you want to be adaptable and are certain that you will employ both features.

    Software for DJs by MWM Phase

    In addition to the three "regular" ways to use the Digital Vinyl System, or DVS, a brand-new product called MWM Phase has just appeared on the market. This odd gadget is a genuine wireless DVS system.

    You can turn, scratch, and juggle with this technique, which only works with record players, without using needles or even vinyl. You use a transmitter and receiver to communicate. This implies that the turntables and mixer no longer need to be connected.

    You put the transmitter on the middle of your record player, which can have vinyl or not (see the photo below). That doesn't change anything. All information is then transmitted from this transmitter to the receiver.

    That performs the conversion into a computer signal for the software, serving as a "interface." The receiver also functions as a charger for the transmitters. If you wish to run longer sets, you may do it with a full transmitter for up to ten hours, so you do not need to worry about running out of power.

    Summary - DVS System

    You have learned all there is to know about DVS from this article. Now that you are aware of what it is, how it functions, and how to use it.

    Making a well-considered decision and determining what you want to accomplish with it are crucial when shopping for any of the aforementioned possibilities.

    Additionally, you have seen how straightforward DVS may be and even how creative some options can be. Your DJ sets will definitely benefit from the addition of the Digital Vinyl System, especially when combined with vinyl!

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